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The peoples movement

Coinunity is a tweet-to-earn system that will reward shiller and investors at the same time.
Coinunity - The peoples movement


We are a BSC based team with different experiences. Our core team consists of 15 members, which each have their own special talents.

Transparency in decision-making is important to us and we also want to involve our community in decisions.

Promote & Earn

We all see ads on social media, how about you become a part of it? Of course with all the benefits! Because if you are part of the Coinunity ecosystem, you are a part of our promotion. So interested parties don’t just want to book an ad - they want your reach!

What is my advantage?

You will be rewarded through our daily advertisement revenue. In addition, a part of this income will be used for buyback and burn to reduce the initial supply.

Why should anybody do promotions on Coinunity?

Our community is based in cryptospace, that means each and everyone is a potential costumer!
For example, you have a favorite project and have a huge bag of coins in your wallet. You can recommend us with a referral code and receive Coinunity Coins, but also advertise your favorite project.
When we receive a promotion request, we will briefly analyze it. We try our best to only promote legitimate projects. And after we advertised it on our social media, it is your job to share and disseminate it. For this we will reward you → Share-to-earn.


Our tokenomics are an important part of Coinunity. The investor is rewarded for holding through self-reflections. But also daily transactions enable rewards and daily giveaways, so you even get more benefits. Not only by holding, but being an active part of the Coinunity.

Total coin supply:


Total on Buys: 12%

Coinunity taxes on buys

Total on Buys: 12%

4% Reward for holders (self-reflection)
3% Added into LP
2% For marketing & development
2% Daily pay-out to the Coinunity
(Mini games / Contest / Real-Life challenges)
1% Shared across the team

Total on Sells 16%

Coinunity Taxes on sells

Total on Sells 16%

6% Reward for holders (self-reflection)
3% Added into LP
3% For marketing & development
2% Daily pay-out to the Coinunity
(Mini games / Contest / Real-Life challenges)
2% Shared across the team


There are features that will have a positive impact on the ecosystem. They are safety measures to stop pump and dumps and will prevent wallets to get too big.
Coinunity - Advantage: Hold

Rewards for holding

Holders get self-relections on every transaction.
Coinunity - Advantage: Liquidity

Auto Liquidity Pool

Liquidity is generated automatically with every buy and sell.
Coinunity - Advantage: Dump protection

Dump protection

An anti-dump protection will be enabled for the first 2 hours after launch. Sell tax is doubled to 32% at this time.
Coinunity - Advantage: Marketing

Marketing Tax

A part of each transaction gets converted to BNB and will be used to pay for marketing and development costs.
Coinunity - Advantage: Whale protection

Whale protection

The max. wallet size will be 1% of the total supply.


To ensure all investors that their deposits are completely safe we have taken several security measures. The launch on the BurningMoon launchpad is the basis for this. All projects are checked by a well known developer. This will ensure a safe launch, but also a good foundation for the project to build a strong community.
Coinunity - Advantage: Burningmoon Launchpad

BurningMoon Launchpad

The launch of Coinunity will be done on the BurningMoon launchpad. It’s the safest launchpad on BSC.
Coinunity - Advantage: Audit


Our contract is checked and tested before launch. In addition, we will have an audit performed by a major vendor.
Coinunity - Advantage: No team wallet

No Team Wallet

There is a small private sale, where every team member has the chance to get a small amount before launch. After launch the team receives a tax on every transaction.
Coinunity - Advantage: Locked liquidity

Locked liquidity

The liquidity is locked inside the contract. It is possible to unlock 20% of the liquidity every 7 days. We can’t remove the whole liquidity at once. This function allows to migrate parts to other exchanges.


Coinunity will be continuously developed in the coming months. Some features are going to be ready at launch. We will also follow up on ideas from the Coinunity and check them for feasibility.
  • Stage 1
    • Create solid team
    • Launch website
    • Start building community
  • Stage 2
    • Contests and giveaways for the community
    • Marketing campaign
    • Presale on BM-launchpad
  • Stage 3
    • Listing on Coingecko
    • Apply for Coinmarketcap
    • Daily giveaways
    • “Coinunity-Talk” on Twitch
    • First promotions for different tokens on our platforms
    • Coin voting system
  • Stage 4
    • “Coinunity Creator” NFT creator tool
    • Develop Coinunity mini games
    • Big community and bigger marketing influence
    • Coinunity crypto donation tool
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